Your question: What are the symptoms of cassava mosaic virus?

What is the causative agent of cassava mosaic disease?

The causal agent had been African cassava mosaic virus but East African cassava mosaic virus (EACMV) was identifi ed in 1997 as an additional causal agent. EACMV was limited in distribution to the humid forest, derived/coastal, and southern Guinea savannas. The two viruses occur mainly in mixed infections.

How do you control cassava disease?

It can be controlled by using varieties with good tolerance, soaking stakes in hot water before planting, sterilizing tools with disinfectant, and intercropping to reduce plant-to-plant dissemination. Viral diseases are usually transmitted through infected planting material.

What does mosaic virus do?


Tobacco mosaic virus causes a mottled browning of tobacco leaves, and accordingly is of major economic importance. It also infects other crops, most notably tomatoes. The virus is spread mechanically from infected plants to scratched or damaged leaves of normal plants.

What causes African cassava mosaic virus?

Cause. African cassava mosaic virus is transmitted by a whitefly.

What are the measures taken to control tapioca mosaic disease?

Selection of setts from healthy plants. Rouging infected plants in the field at early stage. Management of whitefly by installing yellow sticky traps, removal of weed hosts, spray neem oil 3% or Methyl dematon @ 2ml/lit. Spraying of systemic insecticide like dimethoate 1 ml/lit to control the vector.

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Which crop is generally affected by mosaic disease?

mosaic, plant disease caused by various strains of several hundred viruses. A number of economically important crops are susceptible to mosaic infections, including tobacco, cassava, beet, cucumber, and alfalfa.

Is Cassava mosaic virus A DNA virus?

The full-length sequences of 109 components (68 DNA-A and 41 DNA-B) were determined, representing isolates of East African cassava mosaic virus and East African cassava mosaic Zanzibar virus, as well as a novel begomovirus species for which the name East African cassava mosaic Kenya virus is proposed.