How do you thread a sewing machine?

How do you thread a sewing machine easy?

Threading Instructions for the Sew Easy Sewing Machine

  1. Pull the thread underneath the tension dial and then loop it up through the take-up lever.
  2. Insert the thread into the sewing machine needle and then pull the thread to the right a few inches.
  3. Insert a threaded bobbin underneath the needle plate.

What are the steps in threading the upper part of the sewing machine?

To set up the upper thread for your machine, first place a spool of thread on your machine’s thread pin (also called a spool pin or spool holder). Thread through the thread guide. Pull the thread to the left of your machine and thread it through the thread guide. Pull the thread through the U-shaped guide.

What is a built in needle threader?

One of the best tools the engineers of the sewing machine world have given us is the built-in needle threader. … It is a very small crochet-like hook that comes through the needle eye from the back towards the front.

Where is the spool pin located?

Location. Spool pins are most frequently located either on top of the machine or near the back, on the right-hand side. This arrangement allows the spool of thread to stay out of the machine’s sewing mechanisms and permits easy access for the machine user.

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Why is my bobbin thread not catching?

Check the upper thread. – Check to see if your upper tension is too tight. … – Your thread could be caught on something between the needle and your spool of thread if so, your thread will be too tight for the needle to pick up the bobbin thread. – Make sure that the upper thread is threaded properly.

What is the order of threading the lower part of the sewing machine?

Bring the thread up to the thread take up lever and raise it as it goes. Pull the thread down to the thread guide. Pull it through the lower thread guide. Thread the needle.