How do you sew elastic waistband on casing?

How wide should Elastic be for a finished casing?

The width of the casing should be equal to the width of the elastic plus 1/8″ ease. Add 3/8″ to that number to account for the fabric you’ll need to finish the raw edge. So the amount of fabric you’ll need to add to your finished hem length is: width of elastic + 1/8″ + 3/8″.

How long should you cut elastic for waistband?

A correct fit of elastic for the waist means obtaining a good measurement of the natural waist or wherever the finished garment is to sit on the torso. Between 2 to 4 inches are deducted from this measurement to make up the elastic length. If a tighter fit is preferred, deduct 4 inches or more from the measurement.

Can you sew elastic with a straight stitch?

You can stitch elastic straight onto your piece of fabric using a straight or zigzag stitch. When you’re making a waistband, join the elastic together first to the correct length.

How do you keep your waist from rolling?

Gently push the Ban Rol behind the seam allowance and, if necessary, use a point turner or tweezers to push it right into one finished corner of the waistband. Before pushing it into the other end of the waistband, place a pin through the first corner so that you do not pull the Ban Roll out of place.

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How do you stop wide rubber from rolling?

Leave a little extra space in the width of the casing, and edgestitch the top edge of the waistband before you feed the elastic through. For some reason, that top row of stitching will prevent the elastic from folding over on itself when the elastic is added.